The Brass - Short Cuts

Crowd Control Media


Though The Brass are now New York City Oi!, I’ve been digging these guys ever since they were hardcore and Canadian! Sounds confusing (just check the “Psychopath” demo-cassette to find out what it’s all aboot), but it is how it is and it is getting greater by the release! Because since we can classify The Brass as an American Oi! band, these skins have put out a killer cassette-EP, “Rugged Cross” (2015), and an evenly powerful 7”, “Desperation”, earlier this year through Sydney Town.


In order of their upcoming “Great Coast Tour” (from the 25th of November to the 9th of December, 2016), both releases have been pressed on one CD, entitled “Short Cuts”. Although The Brass’ track record is far from extensive (yet), this release is still a welcoming addition to the discography! Not only because of the possibility that a lot of people haven’t heard the “Rugged Cross” EP before (due to the choice of format), but also because “Short Cuts” contains four brand new demo-tracks off their upcoming, yet untitled, full-length album!


Therefor this CD is a must-have, even if you already own both EP’s. Because even though the four new songs, “Never Slowing Down”, “Tough Luck”, “When The Boots Come Marching In” and “Devil’s Got A Hold Of Me”, eventually will be re-recorded as well, you’re hearing them first on “Short Cuts” and they do not disappoint! Though the song structure is well thought out and progressing by every release they put out, The Brass’ sound is still raw, rough and violent, as they keep on delivering boisterous, vicious Oi! from the gritty streets of NYC!


Unfortunately, though understandable, the aforementioned “Psychopath” demo isn’t featured, and I miss “Stuck In N.Y.C.” and the original version of “American Ghetto” (both off “Rugged Cross”) on “Short Cuts”, but otherwise this compilation is a total banger!