The Choice Few – One Way Streets

Rebellion Records / LSM Vinyl


Out of the ashes of No Heart comes The Choice Few, a relatively new band (formed in the summer of 2019) who just released their debut 12” on Rebellion Records! Entitled “One Way Streets” (official release date is the 12th of February, 2021), the No Heart lads evolved from a trio to a five-piece outfit with the addition of Wizz and Jon on respectively lead -and rhythm guitar, making sure that the band’s sound evolved as a whole as well!


Nonetheless you can still hear a good portion of front man Mike’s previous bands (No Heart, Last Crusade and Thankless Graft) back in The Choice Few’s sound. Mike has a subscription on that mean, clean sound, those raucous melodies and a voice that spits out nails, so there will always be a point of recognition – no matter what he releases. Obviously this is not a bad thing, because no matter what he released – it all was killer and The Choice Few’s debut is no exception!


Influenced by the likes of Slaughter And The Dogs, The Chords and Slade, The Choice Few delivers a ferocious mix of pub, street -and glam rock with hints of mod revival, resulting in a real powerhouse from start to finish! Including a cover of The Letters’ “Nobody Loves Me”, “One Way Streets” features a total of seven boot stompin’ tracks for fans of The Cliches, The Manics and of course any of Mike’s aforementioned bands! It’s boisterous but catchy as hell, with highly addictive melodies and killer lead-vocals that combines the gruffness of the past, with a more clean style of singing nowadays – love it!


Available on either black (200 copies) or silver vinyl (300 copies), it’s a fact that Mike releases at least one record a year ever since the ball started to roll with Last Crusade late 2014. Yet it’s always a surprise with what band he’ll come up next, but The Choice Few is indeed, a very pleasant surprise! Check these guys out!