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The Choices – Beautiful Days

Randale Records


Formed in 2019, The Choices debuted the very same year with the “Owner Of My Heart” EP. At the moment I thought it was just one of the momentary projects that involved singer/guitarist Jenny Woo and I didn’t give it a whole lot of attention – if any. But here we are, three years later, and The Choices are still going strong with their recently released debut album “Beautiful Days” for Randale Records!


Now I didn’t really knew what to expect of this LP, hell – I didn’t even knew Randale Records sent me a package (thanks Diana!), but in all fairness – this sounds quite nice! The outfit – which is based out of Paris, France – delivers a dozen of snappy, punk-rock driven power pop tunes that are easy to the ear, catchy to the memory and fun to listen to!


From opener “Beautiful Day” to the closing “Let It Go” the band takes you on a high-voltage rock ‘n’ roll ride, keeping the pedal close to the metal from start to finish, making sure each track follows the other one up in a fast pace. Musically the French lads in the band deliver a solid performance, providing strong back-ups, while Jenny’s voice sounds – or just fits – much better with this style of music! So here’s some unwanted advice – but keep this band going!


Available on either limited pink vinyl (100 copies), regular black vinyl (I assume 200-400 copies) and CD, The Choice’s “Beautiful Days” is a cool little LP and out now on Randale Records!

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