The Clinch – Basecamp

Clockwork Punk / Osu! Records / Sunny Bastards


Two years after their fairly impressive debut album “Our Path Is One”, The Clinch is back with an all new scorcher for Clockwork Punk (cassette, the version I received), Osu! Records (CD) and Sunny Bastards (LP)! Entitled “Basecamp”, the boys from Melbourne, Australia returned with eleven new, tough as nails hard-hitters that will knock you out in no-time!


Because where “Our Path Is One” was great, “Basecamp” is much – much better! It only took me one song – opener “The Chariot” – to realize that this record would outperform their debut on every aspect possible and after multiple listens I can only conclude that I was right. As usual. Not only is the band’s sound more developed, The Clinch also sounds more aggressive and heavier than ever before – delivering every single track with a tremendous amount of power that will instantly straighten your back, raise your chin and throw your fists in the air (or in someone’s face for that matter), while singing along as loud as possible!


There isn’t a bad track on here. From the aforementioned opener to songs such as “Atoms”, title-track “Basecamp”, “Common Goal”, “Alone”, “The Knife”, “Blooded”, “Treshold” and “Claymore”, The Clinch kills it from start to finish! No surprise that these Aussies instantly upgraded to one of my favorite new-ish bands from Down Under along with the likes of Nö Class, The Opposition and Bloody Minded – a rowdy bunch indeed! Vile though melodic, The Clinch burst out one catchy tune after another with massive sing-alongs and brute vocals, sounding like a mix of Plan Of Attack and Bonecrusher – ferocious indeed!


If you like your Oi! and streetpunk Australian, than The Clinch’s sophomore album “Basecamp” is an absolute no-brainer! So take your pick, as it is released on nearly every format possible, play it as loud as possible and cause some trouble!