The Concrete Gods – Whatever Happened To The Angry Brigade?

Try And Stop Me Records


I usually roll my eyes when people claim a band is ‘underrated’, simply because the band in question is anything but ‘underrated’ (at least most of the time). But with that being said, I do believe there’s one band that’s heavily underrated and they have been ever since 2006’s debut CD “Anglo-Centric Generation” - which is a long time already. Of course I am talking about London’s own The Concrete Gods, who now – after 15 long years – finally get some love on vinyl, thanks to Try And Stop Me Records!


Now I personally can’t believe the aforementioned CD or 2009’s sophomore album “Welcome To The Empire Club” were never released on vinyl (though that’s still a possibility of course), but I also can’t believe that this single – or at least the A-side – was recorded back in 2010 already and should have originally been released by Rock ‘N’ Roll Disgrace Records in God knows what year already! Obviously that record never happened and even though “Whatever Happened To The Angry Brigade?” already got released on the fantastic “We Breed Ugly” compilation cassette (NxA Records), it now finally gets the release it deserves!


Released on either solid black or yellow vinyl with red splatter, this double A-sided slab of wax definitely sounds the part! The title-track is an absolute scorcher of a hit, while the AA-side is a previously unreleased gem in the form of “Tommy’s Song” that you just keep on listening to over and over again! And guess what, this release doesn’t just sound the part, it looks the part as well with its nice glossy sleeve and colorful insert – making this an absolute must-have of a 45!


So show both the band and label some love and pick this record up, because if there’s one band that deserves it, it’s The Concrete Gods! What an anthem!