The Crash Landings – All Guts No Glory



Formed in 2013, UK’s The Crash Landings finally present their debut CD “All Guts No Glory” to the world! Self-released in the true spirit of DIY, the band’s first full-length features a total of ten tracks that clock little under twenty-four minutes, delivering their British street punk in a fast and an intense pace!


Well aware of the tidal wave of excellent street punk and Oi! bands that emerged out of the United Kingdom more recently. The Crash Landings are, to put it in their own words, ‘poised to join the ranks of this insurgence’. Now I can imagine that they are, but to join those ranks is another thing. Surprisingly the ambition of this Bournemouth four-piece isn’t that far of a stretch though!


Solid from the get go, the sound of The Crash Landings is classic British punk through and through. Often reminding me of a band such as Hateful, “All Guts No Glory” mixes up-tempo street punk with melodic sing-alongs and The Clash-alike ska-elements, showcased on songs such as “Shove It”, “Hate Mail” and “The Wall”. Brought with pure class, especially for a first effort, it is kind of a shocker they had to release this CD on their own. Unnoticed? Who knows, my guess is that this will change soon though, because they definitely have what it takes to join the aforementioned ranks!


So if you like your punk rock with that diversity of Rancid in that typical British sound, style and accent, check The Crash Landings out! I reckon these guys will not disappoint you!