The Deathless - The Gates To The Deathless Are Open

Chapter Eleven Records


Whether it be psychobilly, streetpunk, Oi! music or a little bit of that man thunder, Chapter Eleven Records always delivers the goods! To their catalog they can now add their, I believe first, hardcore EP in the form of the “The Gates To The Deathless Are Open”, the debut 7” by Santa Cruz’s latest melodic hardcore formation The Deathless!


The Deathless consists of members of defunct outfits such as Fury 66 and Los Dryheavers, delivering some great melodic fury on their first record! Influenced by the likes of Fury 66, Better Than A Thousand, H2O and The Nerve Agents, these Santa Cruzcore Buddhists bust out some amazing tunes on the A-side, while Noah Levine of Dharma Punx shares some of his wisdom in spoken word form on the B-side. Though I am not a big fan, to say the least, of the spoken word genre, I don’t mind how “The Gates To The Deathless Are Open” and “Defy The Lies” have come out on this EP, with The Deathless performing on the background.


Therefor I am pretty sure that not everyone that reads this blog will like The Deathless. But if you like your hardcore socially aware, brought with a lot of passion and a high dose of melody, “Cushion Revolution”, “Adapt And Destroy”, “Perfect Imperfections” and “1985” will definitely be your cup of tea! Comes on white (400 copies), clear (100 copies) and black (50 copies) vinyl, as you can expect from Chapter Eleven!