The Divided - Pack Of Lies

Contra Records

Aaaah, remember the summer of 2020? The weather was lovely, but we couldn’t go anywhere due to restrictions, lockdowns and what not. Though not performed live, good music was fortunately still released and The Divided’s latest EP “Pack Of Lies” was one of those releases!

Because yes, this little slab of wax was released quite some months ago already, but more recently I received my review copy so I’m not passing this little review up – simply because it’s too good to pass up on! Now I didn’t expect anything less of these OC punk rock veterans to be honest – their debut LP “The World You’re Living In” already ripped it up and when your band fully exists out of ex-members of Bonecrusher (including the mighty Raybo) you’ll know they’ll hit it home track after track, after track!

And that is exactly what The Divided does on “Pack Of Lies”. As angry as ever, the band rouses through the three new tracks with sheer power and brilliancy, easily reminding me of the crusher’s “Working For Nothing...” era. Now you and me both know that is an era that we all loved and yes, the songs “Pack Of Lies”, “Nothing Left” and “Stand And Fight” will strongly remind you of classic Bonecrusher anthems from time to time, but hey – you won’t hear me complain!

Now if you’re – like me – a little late to the party, don’t worry! This EP is still available on either silver (200 copies made) or black vinyl (300 copies made) through Contra Records and an absolute must for fans of Raybo’s significant vocals!