The Establishment – Underachievers

Aggrobeat Records


Featuring members who already established (pun intended) themselves through bands such as Citizens Patrol, Brat Pack, Born From Pain, Black Bottle Riot and so on…, The Establishment is still relatively new Dutch outfit. Already recorded well over a year ago, in the band’s original line-up, their debut EP “Underachievers” is now finally released through their fellow citizens of Nijmegen, The Netherlands: Aggrobeat Records!


Initially formed to deliver a hybrid of Oi! and hardcore, the final result is definitely more on the hardcore side of the fence than anything else. Sure, some of those Blitz-influences shine through in the title-track “Underachievers” and on the excellent “Conscience On The Run”, but it can’t mask the fact that all members have a background in hardcore(-punk) and their, perhaps unintentional, urge to kick the speed up a notch.


Now before you guys think I reckon this is a bad thing, it isn’t! French outfit Traitre floats on the same boat, especially on their recordings of 2014, and I love those guys. So if you’re into them, 86 Mentality, or even a bit of Warzone for that matter, you will probably like The Establishment’s first effort as well! Because they’re anything but underachieving on this slab of wax, that is strong from start to finish!


So don’t say I didn’t warn you and get your hands on one of those black or white marbled records, limited to 150 copies each!