The Generators - Street Justice

Randale Records / Pirates Press Records / Longshot Music


Going strong for over 20 years already, The Generators are on the verge of releasing yet another - to be more precise their tenth - full-length studio-album! While we wait, Randale, Pirates Press and Longshot teamed up to unleash the very first single off this, yet untitled, record – delivering some good old fashioned, Los Angeles ‘street justice’!


The A-side, featuring title-track “Street Justice”, picks up with a dark, threatening riff before the rest of the band kicks in, immediately setting the tone for the remainder of this, relatively long (4:53), song – but what a song this is! Easily one of my favorite tracks by The Generators of the past decade. Street smart lyrics, balanced song structure, the intimidation when the band keeps on chanting ‘Street justice... street justice’, the roaring guitar solos in the second half of the song – it all adds up, making “Street Justice” a killer tune!


On the flipside you’ll find “Blow Yourself Up”, a fast-paced punk-rocker that will lead you to self-destruct in three... two... one... Only to do it all over again with another spin! Not sure if this track is an actual ‘B-side’, or that it’s taken from the forthcoming album as well – but either way, this little powerhouse is bound to kick your ass, punk!


Single, teaser, whatever you want to call it... The Generators are still on top of their game and I can’t wait to hear the full album!