The Gift - Golden Gate

Golden Gate Records


The Gift is a brand new power pop / ’77 punk formation out of Nantes, France and features (ex-)members of Une Vie Pour Rien? recording artists such as The Rudes and The Headliners. Last year the brand dropped their four-track demo, but now it’s time for some vinyl with the self-released debut EP “Golden Gate”!


Especially the fact that band members play in The Headliners shines through The Gift’s sound. For example, the bridge on “Get Through This Door” strongly reminds me of the guitar work The Headliners’ used in their track “Pick Up The Telephone”, but also a band like Dim’s Rebellion comes to mind while listening to The Gift’s music. Accentuated by the use of an organ, there’s a real melancholic feel to it, just like the Swedes had on their fantastic  “Nueva Estocolmo” album.


Since these are two of my favorite bands, I instantly fell for The Gift’s sound as well and I am quite surprised the band released their first 7” on their own! With the members’ (past) band-experience you would expect this record to come out through the usual channels that deliver the French goodness to the airwaves, but none of that! Nonetheless a great EP that can be streamed and / or purchased through the band’s Bandcamp page!