The Hard Targets – Hard To Kill

Try And Stop Me Records / LSM Vinyl


Ever since Melbourne’s The Hard Targets debuted in 2012 with the “File Under Maximum R&B” EP its been awfully quiet about this hard rockin’ mob from Down Under. But now, exactly eight years later, its successor is finally here in the form of a full-length – the “Hard To Kill” LP – for Try And Stop Me Records and LSM Vinyl! Time to get this review, that has been long overdue to begin with, going!


The latter is totally on me though. I received the “Hard To Kill” LP a month or two ago already, but I just didn’t really got to it, slowly disappearing in a pile of records that still needed to be thoroughly listened to and/or reviewed. In hindsight I have no idea why, because now that I dug this slab of wax up I can only conclude that this is a rip-roaring album from start to finish! Nonetheless I owe Alexander of Try And Stop Me an apology and hopefully this review makes up for it – haha!


In the (recent) past Australia brought us nothing but good and relatively original Oi!, punk and hardcore bands like The Blurters, Forward Defence, Marching Orders, The Corps, Nö Class, Berzerker Boys, Bloody Minded… the list seems endless! And although no band sounds exactly the same, there’s always this characteristic sound that gives away the band is Australian made – and The Hard Targets are no exception!


As said – no band sounds the same, but fans of Marching Orders and Nö Class will most definitely get their kicks out of this scorching record! Cranking out eleven tracks total, the Melbourne lads deliver a tough as nails, street smart sound that mixes British Oi! with hard and bluesy Australian rock – resulting in a hard stomping, rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse that stays both interesting and relevant all the way through!


So if you’re a slowpoke like me and you still need to throw this on your turntable – do it! If you haven’t bought this record just yet and you especially like the mentioned bands in the paragraph above – buy it, you will not be disappointed! Carry on!