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The Hardknocks – S/T (compilation)

Contra Records


I just wrote a review on Legion 76’s discography CD and I could pretty much write the same shit down when it comes to this The Hardknocks release. Because yes, the boys from Los Angeles have been taken the scene by storm as well and yes, this compact disc contains most of the band’s recordings to date. There are two exceptions though. One, The Hardknocks’ discography is more extensive than Legion 76’s and two, this release actually contains some unreleased material!


Now the sleeve says this compilation features 25 tracks, but my CD-player says there are only 24 songs on here. And since technology beats carton (in this case a digipak sleeve), my CD-player is right and the track “Only The Strong” off the “Battle Scarred” LP is missing. Whoops. Other than that, all other tracks from the LP are included, just as the “Confrontation” and “Angels & Demonds” EP’s and the song “Ten Hole Bootparty” from “Oi! The Tape” volume 1.


All killer stuff of course (just look up my old reviews on those releases), but obviously I am mainly interested in hearing the new and unreleased tracks and no sir, they do not disappoint! First up is “Violencia”, a hard knockin’ scorcher indeed and despite the band members’ heritage, their first ever track in Spanish. They should do that more often, because it makes them sound pretty fuckin’ cool! And while we are on the subject of sounding pretty fuckin’ cool, the CD ends with two tracks off their upcoming, second LP – which we know now goes by the name of “Initium Novum”. I am not sure of the two songs, entitled “Within Yourself” and “No Turning Back”, will make the actual cut. But they should, period.


If you haven’t picked up any releases by The Hardknocks yet or tired of flipping your records over and over because you are lazy (like me) than this CD is a no-brainer. Though you’re fucked if you’re keen on hearing “Only The Strong”…

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