The Idle Gossip / Duffy's Cut - Split EP

Contra Records / Oi! The Boat Records


Now here is a split EP I was looking forward to for a long, long time! Of course I am talking about this slab of wax equally shared by both Baltimore’s extreme rhythm and blues / mod revival formation The Idle Gossip and Philly’s own hard moddin’ soul ‘n Oi! sensation Duffy’s Cut! So enough with the chit-chat and let’s get this party train going!


First up are the five mad men of The Idle Gossip! This pack of mobtown hooligans (pun intended), already impressed with both their two track demo and last year’s “On My Way” 45 and continue to do so on this split! With their new songs, “All I Wanna Do (Is Dance)” and the “Baltimore Foxtrot” with its rockin’ solo, they’re bound to make all the smart and sharp dressed kids move their feet with two dancefloor killers! The beat is simply too sweet!


Another band you just can’t stand still to is Duffy’s Cut! 2013’s debut 12” made me an instant fan of this rowdy bunch! I wanted to hear something new by them badly and “Milk Cow Blues” and “Ten Steps Back” simply do not disappoint! The organ gives both of the new songs a raw and dirty vibe and to me this is rock ‘n’ roll anno 2015 at its finest! I just hope we don’t have to wait another two years for the next Duffy’s Cut release!


This release makes me want to suit up, pull on my parka, hop on my Lambretta and drive straight into Quadrophenia, but I ain’t Sting so I’ll just crank up the volume and enjoy this from my home! Get this!