The Janitors – Backstreet Ditties

Rebellion Records / LSM Vinyl


Pardon my French, but holy fuckin’ shit has it been a while since we last heard from The Janitors! Seven long ass years ago it was when the lunatics from La Rochelle released their last album – and release for that matter – on Une Vie Pour Rien?, so needless to say anything new was very, very much anticipated! Luckily the anticipation finally gets answered and not with some shitty, two-track single – no, no – but with an all new, full-scale assault for Rebellion Records and LSM Vinyl! Woah!


Entitled “Backstreet Ditties”, the album features a grand total of ten songs – which we last seen (or heard for that matter) on 2006’s debut LP “Work”, damn! Of course ten tracks of janitorial madness still equals ‘only’ about 25 minutes of razor-sharp perfection, and in all honesty – I don’t think the world can handle any more of this musical mayhem in one go, now can it? I guess we’ll never know…


What I do know is that “Backstreet Ditties” is – once again – an absolute scorcher of a record! As always the musical inspiration goes back and forth between 1977 and today, and as always The Janitors manage to sound fresh, exciting and ridiculously amazing! Delivering a thrilling mix of ‘77 punk rock extravaganza and vile proto-Oi! (“Naughty Kids” and “All Skrewed Up” anyone?), the French lads will please all back street kids alike with rebel rousers such as “Don’t Wanna Do It”, “Back Street Ditty”, “Panic Attack”, “I Don’t Give A Fuck About You”, “Fancy Pills”, “Playing With Matches”, “Hate At First Sight” and more, all making you go straight up bananas from start to finish! This rips, but then again – I didn’t expect anything less from these French lads!


Available on either bloody red vinyl (European edition/Rebellion Records, 350 copies with red text on a black and white sleeve) or black wax (North American edition/LSM Vinyl, 150 copies with yellow text on a black and white sleeve), this first press will sell out in a no-time! Not only because it’s one of the most anticipated records of ‘77 punk and early Oi! connoisseurs world wide, but also – and more simply – because this is one of the best records of the year! Buy now or die of bloody boredom!