The Jointed – For Workers

Suns Records


Oi! bands with a contrabassist? They’re out there, but they’re scarce... very scarce. Yet The Jointed from Tokyo, Japan is one of them and they deliver some extremely charged, high-octane skinhead rock with the release of their brand new CD “For Workers”!


Released by the in 2018 established label Suns Records, “For Workers” follows up the band’s self-released CD “Stay Alive” (2015) with seven hard-hitting anthems and an instrumental outro. Obviously the upright-bass stands out, giving some of the tracks a bit of a psychobilly-feel to them – until front man 児玉 starts to growl into the microphone that is!


Brought with sheer power, both lead –and back-up vocals (which are m-a-s-s-i-v-e!) in combination with the band’s heavy, strapping sound, make The Jointed pure dynamite from start to finish! From the previously released tracks “万死一生” and “春夏秋冬” (both featured on the band’s 2018 demo), to all new scorchers like opener “夕刻讃歌”, “人事天命” and “尊尚信愛” – “For Workers” is on fire and a powerhouse through and through!


Musically this isn’t your typical Japanese Oi! band, but vocally it definitely is. This combination makes The Jointed a very interesting, but above all killer, band that came to wreck everything... and wrecked it all! Excellent!