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The Lower Orders – Street Justice

Contra Records / Crowd Control Media


Two years have passed since The Lower Orders debuted with their self-titled, single-sided 12” for Lionheart Records (2015). It took a while, but fortunately the boys are now back with a brand new EP for both Contra Records and Crowd Control Media! With three brand new, American streetpunk anthems - and a cover of The Oppressed’s “Ultra Violence”, the Floridians have returned for some of that good old “Street Justice”!


Now all cops have been bastards, at least since 1982, and looking at the cover artwork of the “Street Justice” EP, The Lower Orders aren’t too friendly with the boys in blue either – to say the least! Dedicated to everyone who has ever been a victim of the fuckin’ police because of the way they look or the color of their skin, the title-track is a fierce rouser against the officers of the law that has a good Brassknucle Boys-feel to it. Now this is how I like my streetrock ‘n’ roll best! Raucous vocals, a hard rockin’ solo and some brutish gang-vocals make the world go round and these guys definitely deliver!


Not just on the title-track, but opener “No Place To Go” and the other new one, “Friday Night”, tear it up as well. Especially the latter, though sung about a 1,000 times before, is an ass-kicker that will be an instant live-favorite, no doubt about it! “Ultra Violence” most likely as well, but I have to admit that I prefer The Lower Orders’ own, original songs over their take on this classic any day!


Fans of the aforementioned Brassknuckle Boys, but also The Bruisers, Old Firm Casuals or Hard Evidence shouldn’t definitely take note and instantly check this pack of troublemakers out! Honest, working class streetpunk for honest, working class skins and streetpunks who have an aversion for law enforcement and a love for football, heavy boozin’ and violence. Which will be most of you I reckon. Killer!

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