The Old Breed - Legend By Monday Morning

GCH Records


Although The Old Breed is still a rather new band from Toledo (Ohio), they already squeezed out their first full-length “Legend By Monday Morning” for GCH Records. I can’t say I ever heard of the label before and I wonder if it’s a smart move to have a full-album (CD and digitally) as your first release these days, but then again: what do I know?


Fact is that there are, next to the opening track (an instrumental intro) “On The Job”, ten streetrock ‘n’ roll anthems on “Legend By Monday Morning”, that sound to be highly inspired by the likes of mid-90’s era The Bruisers and the great Hudson Falcons. Very rock ‘n’ roll influenced streetpunk with working class lyrics and ethics through and through.


At first I had a hard time going through the first tracks of “Legend By Monday Morning”, although I really like the melodic chorus of “Stand Your Ground”. But The Old Breed’s sound grows fast throughout the album and from the fourth track, “Punk Rocker”, and up, these Midwest bar brawlers punched out a pretty solid CD. Bringing you the heat and the beat of both the street and the factory floor, The Old Breed delivers quite the melody through the band’s guitar work. This in combination with the catchy choruses and vocalist Sam’s raw, ‘whiskey throat’ vocals ensures tracks like the earlier mentioned “Punk Rocker” and songs such as “25 Days”, “1929”, “Chin Up” and “July 29th” remain stuck in your head for the rest of the day!


“Legend By Monday Morning” is kind of like a diesel, it starts off slow but it all comes together in the end. No yearlist material just yet, but these guys will get there someday soon I reckon, although the  cover artwork, a complete shocker, might make you think otherwise. Fans of the earlier mentioned bands, Antagonizers ATL and Iron Chin take notice.