The Opposition – Vultures

LSM Vinyl


Three years after their debut for Longshot Music and Bords De Seine (a split LP with Canada’s No Heart), the lads and lasses of The Opposition are back! This time around the Australians are causing trouble on their own with a brand new (and fairly limited) EP for LSM Vinyl called “Vultures” - time to check it out!


Somewhat born out of necessity, the band couldn’t finish up the recording of their debut full-length due to Covid-19 – resulting into the release of this EP. This obviously suggests that the songs on this slab of wax were recorded pre-crisis and given the fact that the track “Anxious State” already appeared on the fantastic compilation “We Came From A Band Down Under” (2019) and that a video for title-track “Vultures” already surfaced in the Spring of 2018 this sounds about right.


Now with that, perhaps totally useless, background information in mind, it’s a shame that the band – featuring ex-members of RazorCut, Slick 46 and Zero 1 – only got to record these four tracks. Sounding raw, yet ultra catchy, The Opposition delivers their sound free or charge with fierce (and superb) female vocals and killer melodies on guitar, making you wish that “Vultures” was indeed that anticipated full-length both band and label intended to release with its killer tracks “Vultures”, “Anxious State”, “Warfare” and “Nothing They Say”!


But as said, it’s a limited release and for LSM Vinyl – who are usually involved in runs of 300 to 500 copies – it’s ridiculously limited with only 160, individually numbered copies, made. So grab yourself a copy before the vultures do, and understand why – as I already wrote in my recent review on The Clinch – why The Opposition is one of my favorite new(er) bands from Down Under!