The Patrons – Paranoid Nation

Sukhoi Records


After a decade of Oi! and punk, the Dutch lads of The Patrons have decided to call it a day. Despite that, the band decided their last work after all, and why not? The Patrons have been performing in their strongest line-up for quite some time now and it would have been a shame if their renewed, powerful sound wasn’t caught on a record! So here it, the boys’ third and final – “Paranoid Nation”!


Released on guitarist/vocalist Jesse’s own Sukhoi Records, the band rages trough a total of ten tracks. Nine all new ones and a re-recording of one of the band’s first ever songs “Pride And Dignity” – which originally appeared on 2009’s debut carrying the same title. Obviously this version wrecks the recording of nine years ago, not just because founding members Rick and Jesse gained a lot of experience over the years, but also because drummer Jacinho smashes his kit into pieces! It’s a shame “Paranoid Nation” is his only gig with The Patrons, because he rips it up – both live and on CD!


Therefor it is no surprise that “Paranoid Nation” is the band’s best work – never to be surpassed by them ever again. Don’t blink your eyes though, because with a running time of under 23 minutes they tear through the track-list like with no holds barred! Brought with a good old Motörhead and UK82 vibe, this trio is out for blood with songs like “Frustrated Loser”, “Crashed Out”, “F.O.A.D.”, “Boredom”, “Conform” and “Paranoid Nation” – delivering one fast-paced, bass-driven scorcher after another – killer!


No need to say that The Patrons go out with a bang! Unfortunately this bang is only out on CD with a vinyl release being very, I mean very, unlikely. So don’t be a vinyl purist and wait for it to happen, because it won’t, and just get this CD – you won’t be disappointed, especially if you were already into the band’s older stuff to begin with! We shall not be moved!