The Pennycocks - Fake Gold & Broken Teeth

Contra Records / Longshot Music / B-Core Disc


A couple of days ago, four to be more precise, I already dropped a review on The Pennycocks’ latest 7” “C’mon Gipsy!”, a teaser EP that features two tracks of their, at the time, upcoming album “Fake Gold & Broken Teeth”. Now I don’t have a time-machine, I was just fashionably late with producing my review on the 7”, but the band’s sophomore album is already out now on Contra Records (CD / LP), B-Core Disco (CD / LP) and Longshot Music (LP), time for a review!


In addition to the previously released songs “C’mon Gipsy!” and “Too Cool For School”, “Fake Gold & Broken Teeth” contains twelve more hot and smoking rockers from sunny Barcelona! With a sound that could have easily fit either Crypt Records’ or Chiswick Records’ roster, The Pennycocks mix down and dirty garagey rock ‘n’ roll with raucous ’77 punk into an electrifying, cool and crazy mash-up of punk rock fun for the whole subcultural family!


Besides their own work, “Fake Gold & Broken Teeth” also contains two exciting covers! “Jibba Jab”, a bluesy masterpiece originally released in the 50’s including keys and horns, and “I Get So Excited, originally performed by The Equals in the late 60’s. Obscure choices, at least within the punk and Oi! scene, that suit the obscure boys from Catalonia perfectly, though I always prefer a band’s own work. Especially if that work contains songs like the aforementioned two tracks from the “C’mon Gipsy!” EP, or “Do You Wanna Smoke Me”, “I Need A Job”, the dreamy “You’ve Got Me Baby”, “Young Fool”, “Shake Ya” and “It’s My Life”, excellent!


The Pennycocks sound somewhat like a bastard child between The Janitors and The Headliners, so if you’re into the French, you’ll definitely get your kicks out of this record as well!