The Prowlers – Prowl Around

Contra Records / LSM Vinyl / Insurgence Records / Skinhead Revolt Records


It’s not like Canadian powerhouse The Prowlers have been sitting still during the last two decades, but has it really been over twenty years(!) since the band’s last full-length “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...” was released? Time sure seems to fly, but luckily The Prowlers are still prowling around until this very day and even better, the band just released their sophomore album “Prowl Around” on Contra Records, LSM Vinyl, Insurgence Records and Skinhead Revolt Records!


Containing a total of eleven tracks, “Prowl Around” is just stacked with all new, blistering sounds by one of Canada’s premier Oi! bands! Of the eleven songs featured, nine are actually brand new scorchers, while the other two – namely “Alcoolo” (with Charly of Survet Skins and 8*6 Crew) and “Loonies Days” - are respectively a cover of Impact and a new mix of a song previously released on 2018’s split EP with Rude Pride. Nonetheless great additions to this release, as “Alcoolo” is a sick cover and “Loonies Days” was a great anthem to begin with!


Therefor it should come as no surprise that the nine new originals are completely in line with these superlatives, making “Prowl Around” The Prowlers’ best work to date! Charged with fantastic melodies, powerful anthems and pure aggro, the band unleashes hit after hit with massive tracks like “Battle Scars”, “St. Pauli On The Road”, my absolute favorite “You”, “One Night On The Run” and “Parasite” - I love it!


And if you liked The Prowlers’ previous work so will you! Because these Canadians seem to outdo themselves with every record they release and in my opinion “Prowl Around” is the absolute pinnacle of the band’s 24 year existence! Killer!