The Reapers - Kill 'Em All

Rebellion Records

Well, I guess I can kick off this review in a simular way as yesterday's write-up, because alike Still Defiant, The Reapers are another favorite new band of mine who debuted last year! But unlike the Germans, the Dutch immediately debuted with a full-length album - a blistering full-length album that is, instantly ripping shit up from start to finish! But ripping it up isn't enough anymore, because with the lads' sophomore album they're out to "Kill 'Em All"!

Just like "Rip It Up", "Kill 'Em All" starts off with a quote to set the tone for things to come. This time the quote is taken from the opening scene of 1982's movie 'Vigilante' where charachter Nick speaks about taking matters back into your own hands - some vigilante justice! Because if the law won't get them... Exactly.

Despite that it's 'just' a movie quote, it definitely ignites a flame that just keeps on burning throughout the LP, which contains a total of another seven tracks! That is indeed nearly half of last year's "Rip It Up", yet the vinyl version of "Kill 'Em All" still clocks over 25 minutes, while the CD-version includes three bonus-tracks that were previously released on the 7th volume of Rebellion Records' "Oi! Ain't Dead" series, making "Kill 'Em All" another full-blown, full-length album by these mad men!

Taking no prisoners this time around, The Reapers come out stronger than ever before with six massive originals and a killer cover of CCR's "Fortunate Son"! Still sounding like The Templars or The Janitors on steroids, the Dutch deliver yet another powerhouse of brickwall skinhead rock 'n' roll, with a forceful sound and killer melodies - massive indeed! "Tainted Streets", "Kill 'Em All", "Rat Race", "From The Gutter"... there really isn't a single bad track on here, easily topping last year's debut every way possible!

Therefor "Kill 'Em All" is a must. Because if you liked "Rip It Up", you will love "Kill 'Em All"! This time around The Reapers themselves are judge, jury... and executioner, because they are absolutely killing it with "Kill 'Em All"! An absolute must-have!