The Sideburns - Demo

Street Rock Music / Mangy Little Mut Records (1st press)
Stratum Records (2nd press)


Picked this demo up a while ago, but I never took the time to review it. Only God knows why, because The Sideburns’ first, four-track, demo is an absolute treat to the ears if you’re into that clean and aggro bovver rock ‘n’ roll! Only difference, compared to your favorite bands, is that these bootboys hail from Saint Petersburg… Russia!


Not that big of a deal though, especially because their first effort is completely in English! Accompanied by crunchy, clean guitars, rock ‘n’ roll rhythms and catchy choruses, the Russian lads crank out four tunes about the skinhead way of life, Friday nights, rich kids and tattoos. True, nothing original, but brought with both style and power, you will love these raucous tunes if you’re into bands like The Templars, The Clichés, The Veros etc...


If The Sideburns were from the UK or USA, their sound could easily lift along on the bovver-craze that is going on right now. But they’re from Russia, so they probably have to fight a little harder for it. Despite that, I am confident that these troublemakers won’t give up without a fight, the music definitely deserves to be heard by more… and on vinyl! Killer demo!