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The Sound Of Revolution at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) only took a year to become the biggest, indoor hardcore festival in the world. And it was massive indeed! Not just the number of spectators, hailing from over 40(!) countries, but the line-up impressive as well with some of the biggest names around, all jammed into one day of fun! Our review is more focused on the Oi! bands that played during the day, and Slapshot of course.


I wish I could have been in earlier, because This Means War! and Wisdom In Chains were definitely on my ‘to-see-list’ of the day, but public transportation (a poor excuse really with people from over 40(!) countries attending the festival), the long waiting line to get in and the hassle to score some tokens for drinks, made it that BISHOPS GREEN was the first band of the day for me. I love these guys, but the sound was rather poor from where we were standing. A shame of course, because their vibrant streetpunk-sound is at its best during a sweaty, energetic live-show. But what came out of the speakers did songs like “Alone”, “Tumbling Down” and “Senseless Crime” no good. A big plus was though, that every single song off their self-titled debut 12” was played, still my favorite record to date by these Canadians!


Up next was SLAPSHOT, one of my all-time favorite bands. It was still a bit early when they took the stage (4:45PM), but this obviously had to do with the Stars And Stripes show later in the evening. The sound at this side of the hall was slightly better, but the stroboscope was killing me. Still caught some classics like “Watch Me Bleed”, “Back On The Map”, “Old Tyme Hardcore”, “Hang Up Your Boots” and “I’ve Had Enough” though. They also performed a new track off their upcoming album “Make America Hate Again” and sounded like a typical Slapshot song. Hard-fuckin’-core.


After a little break (a man’s gotta eat), it was already time for LION’S LAW to take over the ‘Warzone Stage’, aka the smallest of the three stages today. I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but again the sound was rather poor, especially the first two or three songs. Despite that, the set of these French was full of power and energy straight from the start and the crowd instantly picked it up! Favorites from all records, including “Lafayette”, “I Don’t Give A Damn”, “Knock ‘Em Out”, “Sons Of Oi!” and “For My Clan”, were played and for my taste the set was just too damn short. Definitely my favorite show of the day and not just because these boys kick ass live, but also because the ambiance was perfect due to the smaller stage and hall.


After checking out the market and seeing scraps of DOG EAT DOG, RIGHT DIRECTION and BATTERY, it was already time for the last band of the day - at least for me – STARS AND STRIPES! The first time I saw a full set from Choke and co. was only last year at PSK 2016 and I don’t think the set-list has changed much since then. And why should they? It’s in perfect balance when it comes down to the classics everyone wants to hear and a handful of new songs off their latest album “Planet Of The States”. Even the sound was spot on this time around! I wish I didn’t fuck up my throat so bad from being sick the week before, because all anthems were played. “Shaved For Battle”, “Drop The Bomb”, “Nowhere”, “Proud, Strong And Free”, “Street Kids”, “The Power And The Glory”, “We’re Not Criminals”, “American Oi!”, “Hang On (To Your Dreams)” off sophomore album “One Man Army” and plenty of new ones, including “Planet Of The States”, “These Colors Run”, “Hip Hip Hooray” and “Keep Your Enemies Closer”. The perfect set to end the day with!

Sure, I missed some bands, but you know how it goes with these kind of festivals. You’re here, you’re there, you’re everywhere – just not near a stage for most of the time. Still I’d like to give props to the organization. Sure it was busy and the several complaints I read online shouldn’t be taken too lightly, I just didn’t let it bother me that much. But to be honest, this probably also had to do with the state of mind I was in when I found out that both PERKELE and THE TEMPLARS are playing next year’s edition – holy shit! Until next year Eindhoven!

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