The Stick Ups - S/T EP

Brock N Records


With bands like 4 Minute Warning, ZipperZ, Criminal Mischief, Potato Pirates and of course The Bad Engrish, Colorado – and in particular the city of Denver – seems to be a good breeding ground  for some beer fueled streetpunk mayhem! To this list we can now add the punx of The Stick Ups, who just released their self-titled debut EP on the band’s own Brock N Records – a must if you like any of the bands mentioned above!


Now it could be a personal choice to self-release this slab of red wax, but really – wasn’t there a label to pick these guys up already? Because The Stick Ups kick that bumflap right off your fuckin' ass! These guys rip through their songs the way I like my streetpunk done best; fast and full of energy, sick melodies, massively drunk sing-alongs, not giving a shit and ready to pogo anywhere, anytime! I just can’t get enough of “Wreckless”, “Bombs Away”, “We Can’t Lose” and - if you use the provided download card (or just grab it from Bandcamp to begin with) – “Never Alone”, pure fun and chaos from start to finish!


Boots, braces, studs, spikes… there’s really something for everyone on this record. Take it from me that you won’t be disappointed if you are into the aforementioned bands, outfits like Blanks 77, Sniper 66 and The Defectives, or the Japanese masters in the art of pogo-dancing and sing-alongs such as The Discocks, Tom And The Boot Boys and The Attacked! Due note though that its self-released, so supplies aren’t unlimited. Now crack up a beer, lace up your boots, put those extra studs in your leather jacket and enjoy The Stick Ups!