The Struggle - Coretex Selector

Pirates Press Records / Core Tex Records


Formed in 2013, The Struggle are still a rather new band from Darlington, UK. But despite that, its members are true veterans within the British Oi! and punk scene, something that definitely shows on the band’s two-track debut single “Coretex Selector”!


The title-track “Coretex Selector” is obviously an ode to one of Berlin’s finest record –and clothing stores, Core Tex Records and Core Tex Selector. Two musts you have to check out when in town to pick up some new records, t-shirts, merchandise or just to sit in front of for hours in the sun, chatting and having a few of those special Core Tex Beers, a good time guaranteed! I reckon that The Struggle’s A-side reflects the vibe of Kreuzberg perfectly, fun, melodic and easy to sing along with!


This while the flipside is an anger filled punk attack with the track “Bore Me”! This fast paced assault kind of caught me off guard after the rhythmic title-track, but I love the diversity of this single and “Bore Me” is a cracking and explosive song that barely clocks over two minutes!


“Coretex Selector” comes in a nice glossy sleeve, a lyric sheet, a download card and on 50 copies of black vinyl (promo only, although mine was a really weird color of black then…), 200 copies of white vinyl (mailorder / tour version) and 300 copies of beer colored vinyl (retail version), so along with the two solid tracks The Struggle’s debut single gives a good bang for your buck!