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The Unborn - Obey

Skinhead Sounds / Chosen Few Street Productions / Tuscia Clan / Torpedos / Anfibio Records / Rusty Knife Records 


Formed in late 2015, Italy's quintet The Unborn have been able to keep their identities a secret until this very day. The music of the unknown five is about to be revealed though, as the band is releasing their two-track debut single "Obey" through Skinhead Sounds, Chosen Few Street Productions, Tuscia Clan, Torpedos, Anfibio Records and Rusty Knife Records.


Influenced by horror, thriller, noir and post-apocalyptic science fiction flicks, The Unborn aren't the first Oi! / streetpunk band inspired by grim and terror from the other side. I vaguely remember a German band, but I can't recall their name, so they're definitely one of the few – if not – the only Oi! / streetpunk band that currently walks among us with these influences. The fact that the identities of The Shape, The Fog, The Blob, The Fiend and The Ghoul are strictly classified makes it even more mysterious. To which I am a fan of.


As mentioned before, "Obey" contains two tracks, both pressed on the A-side to make it a single-sided 7" single. "La Città Verrà​ Distrutta All'Alba" is inspired by George Romero's "The Crazies" (1973) and is sung in the band's native tongue, Italian. Despite that my Italian is a bit rusty, to say the least, I usually prefer a band singing in their own language, but fortunately "They Live", inspired by John Carpenter's '88 movie carrying the same title, is in English. "La Città Verrà​ Distrutta All'Alba" has great melodies and a powerful chorus, while "They Live" is angrier and has a fast beat to it, giving it more of a hardcore-punk touch than anything else. Good stuff!


With six labels involved and just 300 copies pressed, “Obey” will probably scatter around the globe in a rapid pace. So if you like your streetpunk with a dark, terrifying undertone – sounding somewhat like a mix between Nabat and Blitzkid – check The Unborn out!

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