The Underdogs - The Punk Demos Collection

Common People Records


After the reissue of The Guttersnipes’ “The Poor Dress Up” LP earlier this year, Common People Records dug some deeper into Britain’s punk obscurity for their next release, “The Punk Demos Collection”! A collection of demos (obviously) and rarities by the short-lived punk outfit from Leeds, The Underdogs!


Despite various Riot City Records compilation contributions and their first, as well as only, 7” “East Of Dachau” on the same label, I can’t say I was familiar with The Underdogs’ sound until I received this LP. I can say though, that “The Punk Demos Collection” surprised me in a very positive way! Not only because the classic British punk sound that The Underdogs produced is extremely catchy and filled with lyrical subjects you would expect from a young punk band in the early 80’s (the band was active from 1981 to 1984), but production-wise the fifteen songs easily stood the test of time as well!


Completely remastered, the featured demos “Riot In Rothwell” and “East Of Dachau” have been polished up perfectly for a release in 2015, without losing its bite. The artwork, that contains a biography on The Underdogs and most of the lyrics, is looking superb and the LP is available on black vinyl (425 copies) and limited white vinyl (105 copies)! Therefor I reckon this is an easy pick up if you are a fan of that traditional British punk sound and a real nice addition to both your collection and Common People Records’ catalog, as most of the songs never made it to a vinyl, or an official, release before! Nice work!