The Upset - S/T EP

Contra Records / Longshot Music


The Upset, featuring ex-members of Bulldozer BCN, Secret Army, La Inquisicion and Reconquesta, went straight from a demo (2014) to an ass-kicker of a (mini-)LP with last year’s “Giving Up Is Not An Option”. Now the Catalonian horde is back with four brand new tracks for their first, self-titled EP and to put it in their own words, they’ve returned even stronger than before!


One thing we have learned from The Upset’s previous efforts is that these guys definitely pack a punch! These four tracks are no exception, delivering more of that hardcore-infused Oi! music with relatively short, powerful strikes that are bound to create chaos on the dancefloor and ‘destroy everything’! All this applies to the songs “Destroy Everything”, “Living In A Lie” and “The Hammer”, while “You Don’t Need Me” has that rock ‘n’ roll influenced, The Bruisers-alike feel to it. Love it!


So if you were into “Giving Up Is Not An Option”, you’ll definitely be into these four new tracks! Sounding more furious than before, The Upset brings down ‘the hammer’ with this self-titled EP that is out now on Contra Records and Longshot Music!