The Wolverines - This Is America

United Riot Records


Advertised as the band’s first full-length album, “This Is America” actually collects The Wolverines previous two releases for United Riot Records (the “Real American Oi!” EP, 2013 and the “Who Will Survive” split EP with Lonewolf, 2014) and three additional tracks on one compact disc. As the 7” vinyl sold out in the blink of an eye, this nine-track compilation is an excellent addition to both my collection and the band’s discography!


If you already own The Wolverines’ work on vinyl, the first six tracks won’t bring you anything new and I don’t have to tell you that the band delivered some hard as nails powerhouses! Proud, patriotic skinhead anthems brought with fire and anger burst out at you in a rapid pace without taking any prisoners! The title-track “This Is America”, the fast-paced “Real American Oi!” (a demo version of this song was included on our “Promote & Provoke” compilation) and the mid-tempo sing-along “Way Of Life” are without a doubt my favorites and tracks I can play over and over again (sorry neighbors!)!


The remaining three tracks are perhaps a bit more obscure. “Corrective Action” was recorded for the second volume of the “Werewolves Of The Night” compilation, but this LP is unreleased until this date. “In This City” was originally recorded in 2012 for the “This City” EP, but only got released digitally and production-wise this version is far more superior over the original, demo-ish, recording. And last, but certainly not least due to its powerful chorus, is “Keystone Boys”, perhaps the only track that is previously unreleased, but killer nonetheless!


All in all “This Is America” is a great compilation of The Wolverines’ work so far, even for the vinyl collectors! Because besides over 28 minutes of tried and true, real American Oi! that includes three previously unreleased tracks, it must be worth a few bucks to not having to flip over those 7” records the whole goddamn time, right? Right!