Thunder And Glory – Living In The Crossfire

Contra Records / Longshot Music


Finally! It has been more than two years since Thunder And Glory’s ‘official’ debut EP, “As The Ocean Churns”, was released through Stratum Records. Fortunately Philly’s roar is back with brand new material, operating on the frontlines of the ‘Viking revolution’ with their new 10” hammer for Contra Records and Longshot Music, “Living In The Crossfire”!


With “Living In The Crossfire” being a 10” mini-LP, it was definitely worth the wait! Sure, in the meantime some of its members produced some fan-fuckin’-tastic (pardon my French) music with Legion 76, Duffy’s Cut and Sweet FA, but Thunder And Glory was both my first introduction to the ridiculously talented Endrikat brothers and a renewal of my appreciation for Greg Boil’s (The Boils) excellent, grinding vocals. So perhaps it is needless to say, but when the news first reached me that “Living In The Crossfire” would contain six new songs I got extremely stoked!


Now I could write up that the 10” kicks off with a bang through the song “Deny Them Victory”, but the bang just doesn’t stop with Thunder And Glory literally delivering hit after hit after hit! The raw and gritty sound of Philadelphia’s powerhouse is super-tight and dangerous at the same time, partly due to frontman Greg. His crushing, vengeful vocals give the six tracks of “Living In The Crossfire” that extra impact through blood, sweat and tears, making sure this 10” holds some of the best American Oi! anthems you will hear this year!


Especially the incredible “The Departed”, the already hinted “Viking Revolution” and the thunderous “The Battle Awaits” with its short (but still), dual fuckin’ guitar solo are off the wall! But as said earlier, it is all killer and I would do the brutality of “Through The Fires” and “Victory Will Be Mine” short if I leave them unmentioned,  so I won’t.


Philadelphian bands are dominating my yearlists at the moment and Thunder And Glory stormed right into my list of ‘favorite mini-LP’s of 2016’! I was fortunate enough to receive the un-mastered tracks many months ago for my own personal listening pleasure, but the final product “Living In The Crossfire” has become is an absolute banger and a must-have for fans of heroic battle hymns, US of Oi! style!