Trouble? - Backs Against The Wall

Switchlight Records


It’s been well over three years since we first got introduced to the Danish rabble-rousers of Trouble?, but I remember that they instantly impressed with their debut – a split EP with Stokes CPH – and that it definitely tasted like more! And more is what we’re finally getting now with the “Backs Against The Wall” mini-LP for Switchlight Records!


In my review on the aforementioned split EP I described Trouble?’s sound as mid-paced and dangerous with burly and aggressive vocals and luckily that description still fits! But with that being said, “Backs Against The Wall” obviously sounds far more powerful than the – in hindsight ‘demo-ish’ - recordings from their debut for Randale Records, making Trouble? sound stronger than ever before!


And even that might be an understatement! Because from the re-recorded “Blood & Beer” and the Anti-Heros cover “Hate Edge” to all new scorchers such as “Attack”, “Scum”, “Trouble?” and “Antisocial”, the lads from Copenhagen sound incredibly vicious and barbaric, bursting out one massive anthem after another – just the way I like it!


And so will you. So if you haven’t picked this slab of wax up or never heard of Trouble? before – get familiar! Because “Backs Against The Wall” is pure, mean and savage and undoubtedly one of the best Oi! records you will hear this year! A must-have!