The Sound Of Revolution, November 2nd 2019
Klokgebouw, Eindhoven (The Netherlands)


Although the disappointment in the organization for knocking The Bruisers off the bill hasn’t completely faded throughout the past few weeks, Eindhoven (The Netherlands) was still my final destination on Saturday, the 2nd of November (2019). And why not? Because even without the presence of one of my all-time favorite bands, the line-up of 2019’s The Sound Of Revolution was stacked to begin with with a variety of top class hardcore, Oi! and punk bands from all over the world!


Therefor it was a big surprise to me that the total number of visitors remained relatively low throughout the day. Sure, I can understand this when it’s 1:30 in the afternoon, but not five... six... seven hours later - not with this line-up! Due to this, I kind of fear for the future of The Sound Of Revolution, though I sincerely hope that I am wrong...

Luckily I did arrive clockwise 1:30 PM though, just in time for the opener of the day - La Inquisición! I honestly didn’t expect to be in time to check this Catalan powerhouse out, but I am glad that I pushed myself to leave home early, drop my luggage at the hotel before check-in time and went straight to the venue in question (Klokgebouw)! Because despite the thankless task to open up the festival, La Inquisición proved that they don’t just kill it on vinyl, but live as well - even if it’s 1:30 in the afternoon on a massive stage! “Falsos Profetas”, “El Final”, “Rosa De Mort”... fairly brilliant!


After La Inquisición I had the time to get myself some tokens (and therefor some drinks) and catch up with friends, before it was time for the second band of my list, Live By The Sword! Undoubtedly one of my favorite newer bands, I was excited to see their first ever, exclusive show - and they did not disappoint! Sure, I missed the wall of sound some of the other bands managed to produce during the day on the same stage, but Erick Barnes was on fire with his superb vocals, killing it with tracks like “Pillaged Hinterland”, “Emergency” and personal favorites “Death Dawn Rising” and “Rats And Snakes”!


30 minutes later it was already Grade 2’s turn to take over the mainstage. I felt a bit unprepared since I hadn’t heard their brand new LP “Graveyard Island” (Hellcat Records) yet and it felt like they played a whole selection of songs off that record, but nonetheless – or maybe because of that – the lads delivered a very impressive set! I should get a hold of that record soon...


The next band that held my attention a full set long was Lion’s Law. Initially the Parisians were booked for the afterparty of the festival at the Blue Collar Hotel, but with an open spot in the timetable Lion’s Law was able to make their second appearance at The Sound Of Revolution! Upgraded from the small Warzone Stage where they performed in 2017, to the Revolution Stage (mainstage) in 2019, the band destroyed it with live favorites such as “Lafayette”, “Knock ‘Em Out” and “For My Clan”, while introducing all new tracks “Get It All” and “Cut The Rope” to the crowd as well. A killer set as always!


With a bit of No Turning Back, a dinner break and checking out the distro’s in between, it was decision time! Shutdown’s show was moved to the evening, right against Last Resort’s slot, while The Crack and The Bouncing Souls eventually started around the same time as well. In between I also caught a big chunk of Terror’s show – which was tough as nails! Then again, when not? Because of the choices being made – and the fact I can’t be everywhere at once – I saw the beginning of The Last Resort’s and The Crack’s sets, while I witnessed the second half of both Shutdown and The Bouncing Souls. Obviously it’s not worth writing reviews on half a show, but I am glad I finally saw Shutdown and The Crack perform live, while the The Bouncing Souls were fantastic as well with songs such as “Manthem” and their number one sing-along “True Believers” – superb!


After The Bouncing Souls I decided that I had enough and returned to my hotel, so no Youth Of Today for me. All in all this was yet another great edition of The Sound Of Revolution with probably the best line-up to date, for me at least! Hopefully again next year? Time will tell...