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Ultra Razzia - La Demo

LSC Records


Ultra Razzia is a brand new outfit out of Montreal, Canada who released their first demo, or “La Demo”, earlier this year through LSC Records. Although it has been sitting on my phone ever since, I missed out on the first batch of 50 cassettes the label duplicated. Fortunately LSC Records did a second run of another 50 copies and they were kind enough to send me one.


Luckily, because Ultra Razzia delivered a crackin’ demo and I have to admit, I’m surprised this bad boy hasn’t been pressed on a slab of wax... Yet? Fact is that Ultra Razzia delivers everything we – well, the most of us anyway – love. Sounding much alike other new(-er) favorites such as Rixe, Traitre and Coupe Gorge, the Montréalais burst out one barn burner after another, taking down everything in its reach!


Containing a total of six raw, uncompromising stompers, every single one of them is sung in French, including the Blitz cover – and pardon my French – “Rasoirs Dans La Nuit” (“Razors In The Night”). A nice tribute that isn’t trite as usual because of the lingual twist, though Ultra Razzia doesn’t really need a cover to get shit started, squashers like “À La Dérive”, “Dans La Guele Du Loup” and “L’horreur” will take care of that!


Without a doubt one of my favorite demos of 2017, so make sure you get one of those freshly duplicated tapes before they’re all gone – again. Or better, press this madness on a 7”!

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