Ultra Sect – War Of The Roses

Try And Stop Me Records


Over two and a half years ago, Bay Area ‘supergroup’ Ultra Sect released their debut EP “War Of The Roses” for Contra Records and LSM Vinyl. Released in a run of nearly 500 copies, both labels sold out on their stock a long time ago already – making a second press almost mandatory. And with that second press now being released by LSM Vinyl, Turn Up The Oi! Records and Try And Stop Me Records we can turn up the Oi! one more time with this killer 7”!


As I reviewed the original EP already (HERE), I’m not getting any further into the music on this record as it obviously is the same. I do like to dig a little deeper into the version I received, which happens to be the first release for all new German label Try And Stop Me Records. Sure, this reissue also marks the first release for Turn Up The Oi! Records – the label of Ultra Sect themselves – but I reckon future Turn Up The Oi! releases will be Ultra Sect related, where Try And Stop Me Records is going to release a variety of bands, such as The Hard Targets’ “Hard To Kill” LP – which was already announced and should be available soon.


The artwork and lay-out on this second press of “War Of The Roses” is nearly the same as it was on the original release, except in a different colorway. Try And Stop Me’s version comes on black vinyl and the sleeve’s color is also black with details in red, black and white. Numbered to a 100 copies total (though not hand numbered), the record comes with a download code and two stickers (of Ultra Sect and The Hard Targets). This is also my favorite combination of colors and if I didn’t have an original copy already, this would also be the version I would have bought – and no, I am not saying that because I received a promotional copy of this version!


Just like in 2018 I am going to tell you to pick this record up, especially if you neglected my advice the first time around. This is a superb debut EP that should be in all of my reader’s collections and with this second run of 300 copies total (100 for each label involved) this shouldn’t be a problem at all!