Unite Against Society – U.A.S.



Though I am not 100% sure on when Unite Against Society returned to the battlefields, I do know that it’s been well over 13 years since the band released its last album “Our Way”. Sure, last year marked the release of the “The Early Years 1997 – 2007” compilation on 8 Up Records – but just as the title suggests, it only covered the Belgians’ first decade as a band and contained nothing new, unfortunately.


Luckily the boys from Herentals were – even prior to the release of the aforementioned compilation CD – keeping themselves busy by writing new music and recording demos, making it only a matter of time before that something new would hit mail-orders and shops across the continent. And guess what, that time is now – because 13 years after “Our Way” and even 17 years after the band’s last vinyl release (“Loved By Few...” on Helen Of Oi!) United Against Society is finally back with eight new recordings and best of all, it’s all pressed on a twelve inches of wax!


Out on transparent red vinyl, Unite Against Society self-released their fourth album and they did a great job at doing so. It looks great and thanks to Studio 195 – a household name for punk and hardcore bands from both Belgium and Holland – it sounds even better. The eight tracks roll out of your speakers like there’s no tomorrow and the Oi!-punk mixed with hints of rock and metal sounds slightly out of Unite Against Society’s comfort zone of the past, but it instantly delivers some of their best work to date as well with tracks like “I Do Believe” (great melodies), “Braindead” (killer intro) “Divide & Conquer” (thunderous drums) and “One Man’s Game” (a barbarous stomper)!


So if you liked Unite Against Society in the past, or got hooked on them through their release on 8 Up Records, the “U.A.S.” 12” is an easy pick up! But even if you never heard of them and you like your Oi!-punk loud and fast, then Unite Against Society latest slab of wax is definitely worth checking out!