Up Yours - Attack

Tough Ain’t Enough Records


Five years after their debut 10” for Common People Records, entitled “Deception”, the Spaniards of Up Yours are back! Ready for battle, the band recently unleashed their second call to arms through Madrilenian label Tough Ain’t Enough Records, fittingly titled “Attack”!


Like Up Yours’ 2011 debut, “Attack” contains a total of six new tracks. But unlike their 10” debut, the band’s latest recordings are pressed on a 12” slab of wax, playing at 45RPM for maximum power! As this is my favorite format, the choice of media and the old school look of the artwork or an instant plus in my book, before the needle even dropped onto the vinyl! Promising indeed!


And as expected, the music doesn’t disappoint for a second either. “Deception” was already pure class, but the lads (and lass) from the north really outdid themselves on “Attack”! Packed with a punch, every battle hymn on this record is a potential knock-out! The tight rhythm section and the roaring guitars keep the flame burning on ferocious songs such as the title-track “Attack”, “Skinheads”, “Carry On” and the band’s anthem “Up Yours” (the latter two originally appeared on 2008’s self-released demo), while the closing-song “The Flame Of The North” has a sentimental touch in both its lyrics and sound, partly due to the use of acoustic guitars and the cello (or a similar kind of instrument), nice!


Being from Spain, English obviously isn’t their native tongue and this shines through in both the lyrics (completely in English) and the vocals. Perhaps it could bother some,  but it didn’t bother me for a bit. Limited to 250 copies total (I believe), you can pick this powerhouse up on either red or black vinyl! Recommended!