V/A - Caos In Italia

Skinhead Sounds / Tufo Rock Records / Anfibio Records


Obviously influenced by the classic - and evenly brilliant - Chaos En France compilations, it is now time for some chaos from Italy! Released by Skinhead Sounds, Tufo Rock Records and Anfibio Records comes “Caos In Italia”, a brand new compilation with sixteen, both well-established and up and coming, bands from the country shaped like a Doc Marten boot - a match made in heaven!


Now obviously there have been all-Italian Oi! compilations before such as “Skins E Punks = T.N.T.”, “Quelli Che Urlano Ancora...” and “Oi! Siamo Ancora Qui!!” - just to name a few. But to my knowledge it has been a while since we last saw (and heard) an Italian compilation that consists out of nothing but Oi! (though some a bit hardcore influenced) bands and that is completely ska, reggae, dub and what not free - whew!


Besides Italy’s ‘classico’ bands such as Ghetto 84, Colonna Infame Skinhead and of course both Nabat and Klasse Kriminale, the main-focus seems to be on the country’s (relatively) new and emerging Oi! scene with bands like Razzapparte, Dalton, No More Lies, Tacita, Lenders, Raise Your Pitch, Clear Cut and The Unborn. A wise decision if you ask me. Not just because the current wave of Italian bands is pretty damn good, but it will surely introduce you to some new music as well. In my case to Pressa, Iron Hill (who are featured with the only English track on this record) and Assedio.


Yet unmentioned, but undoubtedly my favorite track off this compilation comes by the hands of F.A.V.L.! With nearly a decade on the counter they can neither be considered classic (yet) or new (anymore), but they sure as hell bring down the hammer with the hard rockin’, tough as nails track “Per Te!” - brilliant! Other favorites include Nabat with the newly recorded “Gossip Riot”, Dalton and “Fantasmi”, Tacita with “Il Mio Veleno”, the mighty Colonna Infame Skinhead and “Nessun Rispetto”, Lenders and the massive “L’Ultima Speranza” and the shockers of The Unborn with “Videodrome”.


But in the end there isn’t a single bad track on here. And the best part? Most of the sixteen songs on this compilation are either brand new, unreleased, newly record or live! Stacked with exclusive tracks, “Caos In Italia” comes on either green (200 copies) or black (300 copies) vinyl, while all 500 copies come with a free CD! ‘Eccellente’!