V/A - Oi! L’Album Volume 2

Une Vie Pour Rien?


Ten very long years after the fairly brilliant first volume of Une Vie Pour Rien?’s “Oi! L’Album” compilation it’s time for volume number deux! With a whole new generation of young, hungry bands rattling the door, “Oi! L’Album Volume 2” features a total of 14, fairly new bands and an even amount of new, unreleased songs!


Obviously anything new by the likes of Bromure, Ultra Razzia, Coupe Gorge, Kronstadt, Squelette, Grabuge or Atlantes is already worth picking this big slab of wax up alone, but it also introduced me to bands like Bogan and Cran (both female-fronted), Années Zero and Talion. The latter is even making its debut with the track “La Rue” and hopefully it won’t be the last we hear from them - good, hard-hitting Oi! any fan of French Oi! will love!


Rounding things up with The Gift, Tchernobyl (another killer band that only released a demo prior to contributing to this compilation LP) and Sous Escorte - you can only conclude that “Oi! L’Album Volume 2” features, once again, a killer line-up! With Canadian, Swiss and partially Portuguese bands in this volume’s roster, not all participants are necessarily from France - but with the exception of two, most songs are - obviously - in French anyway.


Now I could go on and on about this record, but if you love the current wave of French Oi! music, this LP will most likely feature a hefty lot of your favorite bands - making it an instant must-have! And although I prefer some bands over others, none of them disappoint - though I truly hope Une Vie Pour Rien? will release an EP by either Talion or Techornobyl - but preferably both - someday soon! Thank you.