V/A – One Family, One Flag

Pirates Press Records


Pirates Press Records is celebrating its 200th release and they are celebrating it in style! The honor to carrying catalog number ‘PPR200’ goes out to the compilation “One Family, One Flag”, a massive collection of Pirates Press’ favorites, bundled on a grand total of three LP’s! Indeed enough music to get this party started!


Because with massive, I indeed mean massive! No less than 34(!) tracks (and bands) are featured on this three-LP set, which – by all means – looks beautiful. Pirates Press Records has always been known for its creative and out of the box ideas when it comes down to both pressing and packaging vinyl, and obviously they went all out with their 200th release! The three LP’s are all housed in one wide sleeve, the inner sleeves are of thick material with the ‘flag logo’ cut out, side F has been screen-printed (therefor the music is spread out over sides A to E) and in the sleeve you’ll find a special note, a poster with all 200 releases on it and a download card for on the go – pretty fuckin’ sweet indeed!


Though not every band on “One Family, One Flag” has released an extended discography through Pirates Press Records – for some it has been simply a single, EP or even just an appearance on another compilation, the label has yet been involved in releasing a lot of personal favorites! Cock SParrer, Reducers SF, Harrington Saints, Bishops Green, Noi!se, Street Dogs, The Interrupters, Sydney Ducks, Off With Their Heads, The Workin’ Stiffs, Rancid, Argy Bargy, Lion’s Law, 45 Adapters, Suede Razors… the list goes on and on – and guess what… they’re all featured on this compilation!


Unfortunately all of the 34 tracks have previously been released, but therefor it’s a feast of recognition as well. “One Family, One Flag” also isn’t the compilation for unreleased material, but to look back on 13 years of Pirates Press Records history, while discovering some new gems along the way - like The Complicators and Territories.


A kick-ass compilation by a bunch of kick-ass people! Oh, and did I already mentioned it was massive?