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V/A – A Volta Ao Mundo Em Oi!tenta Minutos Vol. 2

Rotten Records / ZeroWork Records / The Firm Records / Comandante Records


It was the end of the 90’s when the Brazilians of Rotten Records took us on a journey around the world with the “A Volta Ao Mundo Em Oi!tenta Minutos” compilation, a hefty sampler with a variation of killer bands, that were indeed from all over the place. Unfortunately this was both the first and last time, as the compilation never evolved into a series… until now that is! Because just like the revived “Oi! Um Grito De União!” series, “A Volta Ao Mundo Em Oi!tenta Minutos” is now – more than 20 years later – back for volume two!


Organized by Rotten Records, Zerowork Records, The Firm Records and Comandante Records, the four take you on a grand tour around the world with a total of 20 bands from 20 different countries or autonomous states. Attending well known hot-spots, as well as the newer – or even yet unfamiliar – places to be, the Brazilian – Portuguese alliance scrambled quite the trip together that you just want to enjoy over and over again!


But enough with the cryptic chit chat, because this is one killer compilation indeed! Sure, die-hard collectors are undoubtedly familiar with a good portion of the contributions to this CD (and its contributors), but even then there is still plenty of goodness to find out! For example, I didn’t know The Agrios were still together (and their track “La Adversidad” is very saxy, pun intended) and of bands like Böiler, Espartacos and Sudor Obrero I never heard before, but holy shit they are good! And you know what the best part is? I haven’t even mentioned yet that Sindicato Oi!, Horda and Komintern fuckin’ Sect deliver some brand new, previously unreleased noise as well! Love it!


Now despite that the other contributions were indeed previously released, most of them appear for the first – and perhaps for the only – time on CD through this compilation. Featuring The Adhocs, Brutal Bravo, F.A.V.L., Fuerza Bruta, Kaleko Urdangak, Mortalis, Reconquesta, Shaved Heads, The Young Ones and more, you know the men involved deliver you pure fire from start to finish, making sure there’s never a dull moment on the second volume of “A Volta Ao Mundo Em Oi!tenta Minutos”!


Therefor this is an easy pick up, especially that new Komintern Sect track is worth the tenner alone! So cut the bullshit and grab yourself a copy today!

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