V/A – Oi! – 40 Years Untamed

Pirates Press Records


Four whole decades after not just any album, but THE album – the series is back for another round of celebration, liberation and jubilation with the compilation “Oi! – 40 Years Untamed”! Compiled by mister Gary Bushell himself, the album features a grand total of 15 both old and newer, though all well-established, bands – released on either CD or LP through Pirates Press Records!


Pirates Press’ been busy with releasing those compilations though. Because along with the “Oi! This Is Streetpunk 2020” and “For Family And Flag Volume 1” compilations, this isn’t just the third compilation the label released this year – it has been the third compilation the label has released in the past month! Pretty crazy and yes, there is obviously some overlap between the three of them, but all in all every compilation managed to keep its own face and identity in the progress and also “Oi! – 40 Years Untamed” turned out killer!


Alike the other compilations, “Oi! – 40 Years Untamed” is a mixture of new and previously unreleased tracks, alongside a few tracks that were already available on a regular release by the band – such as Doug & The Slugz, Lion’s Law, The Old Firm Casuals (be it a slightly different version) and The Drowns, while the old guard – including Cock Sparrer, Crashed Out, Cockney Rejects, The Last Resort, The Gonads, Prole and The Business – all come out swinging with scorching new or unreleased tracks! Add the fresh and exciting new tunes by ‘newer’ (you know what I mean) bands Bishops Green, Stomper 98, Gimp Fist and Noi!se to the total and you got – once again – an excellent compilation by Pirates Press Records on your turntable!


Now you could get it on CD, but with the LP version being released on either black, blood red, gold, white or black and white pinwheel colored vinyl, that is only an option if you really don’t own a recordplayer if you ask me! On to the next 40!