V/A - Oi! The Antidote

Crossbar Records

Ready for a vital dose of street rock ‘n’ roll? Then Crossbar Records got you covered! Announced at the beginning of the year, their massive, 21 track compilation “Oi! The Antidote” is finally out and this colossal project – that happens to be the label’s first release – is well worth its price tag!

Why? Well, there’s a whole variety of reasons to be honest. It comes on a double LP, the packaging looks amazing and despite that the two records are housed in a gatefold sleeve, the release still features an insert including all lyrics! But aside its stunning appearance, “Oi! The Antidote” is stunningly compiled as well!

Because this compilation doesn’t just future some of my favorite bands, it literally delivers hit after hit with bands from all over the place! From North -and South America to Europe and Australia, you’ll surely find some of your favorite artists as well – including the likes of Hard Evidence, Abrovink, Squelette, Kong Kong, The Clinch, Brux, Bromure, Mess, No Class, Défonce, No Heads, Savage Beat, Antagonizers ATL and many, many more!

Sure, most – but definitely not all – tracks have been previously released, but the balance of new, hard to come by and previously released tracks is on point, making “Oi! The Antidote” a very pleasant compilation to keep on listening to! Job well done and congrats on your first release Crossbar Records! Hopefully many more will follow!