V/A – Zombie Rock (A Worldwide Tribute To Nabat)

Timebomb Records


Nabat – you might not understand a single word of what they’re singing, but you know you love them! And what is not to love about this outfit? The band delivered a whole lot of classic hits that defined Italian Oi! and they’re still going at it – be it with a little pause – and influencing new bands until this very day! Time for a little tribute, thanks to Timebomb Records!


What’s so great about this compilation is that they didn’t go for the easy route making it an all-Italian release. No, as the subtitle of “Zombie Rock” suggests this is a worldwide tribute with bands from Canada, Portugal, Serbia, Russia, Germany, France, Catalunya, Austria, the UK and okay, okay… one from Italy as well, paying their homage to the lads from Bologna, kicking out those classic anthems loud and with pure class!


Another thing I love about this record is that its contributions are done by relatively new bands such as Facção Opposta (okay, they’re not ‘that’ new), Ultra Razzia, Nagön, Iena, Denim, Brutal Savage and Concrete Bollocks, even introducing me to all new outfits such as Blades and Rien À Battre (though those faces of the latter look awfully familiar… haha). Obviously all bands deliver their take on the hits from the 80’s such as “Asociale Oi!”, “Skin & Punk” and “Generazione 82”, while it’s only Ofensiva who dared to pick a track from 1996’s “Nati Per Niente” LP.


All in all this is a short, fierce and powerful tribute that is fairly brilliant from start to finish that is released on black, red and clear vinyl. An absolute must-have for fans of Nabat and some proper fuckin’ Oi! in general – worldwide!