Vanilla Muffins - The Drug Is Football (2015)

Rebel Sound


“The Drug Is Football”, in my book one of the best Oi! albums ever written, is getting resurrected again. After its original release in 2003 on Knock Out Records it was Lionheart Records in 2013 that re-released four songs of the record on a limited 7” as a fan-service for the album’s 10th anniversary. Now, two years after that release Rebel Sound doubles the trouble with the release of “The Drug Is Football” on a two-EP set.


But, don’t cheer to soon! Because with eight (out of the original fifteen) songs you can barely speak of a reissue, which leads directly to the following question: Why can’t this album get a proper re-release?! I haven’t hold the final release in my hands just yet (I am a sucker, so I’ll probably get it one way or another anyways), and I am sure the gatefold sleeve and various color variations (such as FC Basel blue and red) will look stunning, but what is the, and pardon my French, fucking problem?!


With that being said, the eight tracks that are on this double EP are of course fan-fuckin’-tastic! “Brigade Loco”, “All Roads Lead To Rome”, “Comrades”, “The Drug Is Football”, “The Gang From Kannenfeldpark”, they’re all classics in my book and some of the best the Sugar Oi! mob has ever offered us and a must-hear for anyone into Oi! and punk rock music!


I don’t have a problem with this release, it’s collectable, I am sure it’s going to look awesome and it’s a good alternative for those who can’t get a hold on an original copy of the 2003 LP. I just don’t understand why this album can’t be reissued entirely...