Veneno Lento - Lost Tape

Broke & Infamous Records

The second release by Brazilian-rooted German label Broke & Infamous Records is by yet another Sao Paolo outfit! No earth shattering hardcore, like B’urst!, this time around, but you will find a mix of  extremely melodic punkrock and boisterous Oi! on the label’s second release, the “Lost Tape” by Veneno Lento!

Although I was unfamiliar with Veneno Lento until I received the “Lost Tape”, Sao Paolo city rockers’ previously released a self-titled 7” record for Nada Nada Discos and Pilantra Records in 2012. But as the title of this ‘lost’ tape suggests, the five tracks you can find on this yellow cassette are previously unreleased. Fortunately for me and 49 others (yes, this release is limited to just 50 copies, minus the digital availability obviously), these recordings were dug up, because Veneno Lento’s sound is right up my alley!


The A-side features two Veneno Lento originals and is therefor named the ‘Veneno Lento Side’. “Cidada Violenta” kicks out an upbeat tempo, angry vocals and a roaring guitar solo, while “Ausencia” has a mid-tempo, Chiswick-like, sound with some great guitar melodies to it! Because both songs somewhat have their own style, it’s hard to put a finger on the band’s influences, but perhaps the B-side will reveal those.


Because besides two songs of their own, the flipside of the “Lost Tape” is a ‘Cover Side’ that features three songs originally performed by Camera Silens (“Pour La Gloire”), The Templars (“Kids Of Today”) and Minor Threat (“Small Man, Big Mouth”). While the first two pretty much stick to their original formula, the latter one is transformed into a Templars-esque anthem, giving this song a great twist!


All in all Vereno Lento’s “Lost Tape” delivers great melodies over a raw production! With the inclusion of some excellent covers, this cassette is a great addition for those who are into bands ranging from Blitz to the Templars!