Victory - The Code

Longshot Music


This band caught my attention when they released their first 7” “Laced Up” on Oi The Boat a few years ago. Since I liked the record, I was glad they were really active releasing stuff in those days with 2 7” ‘s and 2 split 7” ‘s in 2 years time.  However, where the first 7” blew me right of my feet, the others didn’t do that straight away. The production of the records got better and they became a bit more melodic. Must say this change didn’t work out for me on every song.


Therefore I was very curious about their new 7” “The Code”, which is announced as a precursor of next year’s full length. Well, this record did exactly what it should do, it hit me in the face like a hammer. The first song “Pissed and a Whisper” grabs you straight by the throat, when it starts with that nasty guitar line. The song is in line with the songs I liked most on their 2014 splits, “Blind” and “Enemy of the State”. Melodic with short, but with still enough roughness in it.


The second song “The Crew” is in the same line, however it even reminds me more of their old stuff since it’s more aggressive than “Pissed and a Whisper”. The song starts in a nice melodic way, but after the intro, and specially when Dan starts singing, it’s becoming more raw, aggressive & fast. Love it!


This single makes me really looking forward to that full length next year!!!!


Review by: Noot