Violent Way / Béton Armé – Release The Skins

Contra Records / Primator Crew


What do you get when you combine two of the hardest outfits both Contra Records’ and Primator Crew’s roster has to offer and put them on one slab of wax? That’s right, pure dynamite! Because that is exactly what the “Release The Skins” 7” - a split EP between Violent Way (USA) and Béton Armé (Canada) – is!


First up is Violent Way, a band that rose out of the ashes of the now defunct – and relatively short-lived – outfit The Elite, but continues in the same spirit as that band left off. They already did so with a massive, self-titled (or untitled) debut EP for Mister Face Records and Contra Records, but this band just keeps on marching on with a cracking new track titled “Conditioned” and a tough as nails version of Blitz’ “Someone’s Gonna Die”! Sure, the latter is a fairly unoriginal choice, but then again – who gives a shit?! Keep ‘em coming guys!


Up next is Béton Armé, a Canadian outfit that is quickly becoming one of my favorites! 2018’s demo was great and 2020’s “Au Bord Du Gouffre” EP was even better, but their contribution to this split EP just rips it up! Both their new track “Vivre Sans Regretter” as well as the excellent L’Infanterie Sauvage cover “Les Poings Levés Mais Les Poings Liés” are fairly brilliant and – as always – taste like more! Let’s go for a (mini-)album next time, okay? Okay!


So if you like your noise tough, rough and ready do not hesitate! Because despite that they released a whole bunch of these on black vinyl (and a limited amount of just 100 copies on white vinyl), they’re still going fast! Scorching!