Vis Vires – The Wolves

Battle Scarred Records


One of the most notable new Oi! bands of 2018 is without a doubt Vis Vires! No surprise obviously, knowing that this quartet out of Los Angeles features members from the likes of The Templars, Bovver Wonderland, The Hardknocks and many more. With years of experience, this is something that definitely reflects in the band’s debut EP “The Wolves” – which is out now on cassette through front man Anthony’s own Battle Scarred Records!


Limited to just 100 copies, the tape is on the verge of selling out, if it’s not sold out already – but don’t worry! Because this hard hitting four-tracker will be out on vinyl soon through The Firm Records, Contra Records, Common People Records and, of course, Battle Scarred Records, and it will definitely be a 7” you want to pick – especially if you are into other powerhouses such as Legion 76, Drink And Destroy Crew and The Hardknocks!


Because with sheer power, Vis Vires bursts out four killer anthems! “Witch Hunt”, “Vengeance”, “The Wolves”, “This Is The End”... they all rip from start to finish. Brought with an explosive, tough as nails wall of sound, sick guitar melodies and superb (back-up) vocals, the Angelenos deliver pure rampage through your speakers, instantly making you hungry for more – while the vinyl version isn’t even out yet!


So whether it be digitally, the cassette or the upcoming vinyl version – make sure you grab a copy of Vis Vires’ thunderous debut EP “The Wolves”, it’s well worth it!